Welcome to FR Database 1.0

Key words : fruit, development, ripening

Fruits form unique growing period in the life cycle of higher plants. They provide essential nutrients and have beneficial effects on human health. During development and ripening, fruit enlargement, texture alteration and nutrients accumulation are tightly regulated by thousands of genes in various processes [1, 2, 3] Characterizing these genes is fundamental to understanding the biological process and to improve horticultural crops. Here, FR database is developed by integrating the detailed information and protein interactions for experimentally verified genes involved in fruit development and ripening.

FR database is implemented in PHP + MySQL + JavaScript, and will be regularly updated as novel genes/proteins are reported and new plant genome annotations are released.

Currently, FR database 1.0 contains 904 genes covering 53 different fleshy fruit species. It will not only contribute to elucidate the sophisticated mechanisms of fruit development and ripening, but also facilitate using molecular breeding to improve crop traits of agronomic importance, such as higher nutritional contents, prolonged fruit shelf-life, enhanced tolerance to biotic/abiotic stresses[4, 5, 6].